Gambling Addiction

GamblingGambling Addicts

Gambling addiction is a mental health problem, it is one of the impulse-control problems that a person can have. People who are addicted to gambling might engage in a wide variety of games like poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, sports betting and also the rate of online gambling is reported to be rapidly increasing.

Problem Gamblers

In America 15 million people are considered to be problem gamblers. No less than 3 million of them are severe problem gamblers; gambling addicts. Problem gambling has a negative effect on people’s life. Problem gambling can interfere with relationships, work and financial health.

Gambling addiction can run in the family

If someone’s parents are gambling addicts, the chance that he or she develops a gambling problem is likely. By studying fraternal and identical twins, scientists from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane in Australia found out that genes play a role in gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction 2022Signs of problem gambling

You do not have to gamble every day to be a problem gambler. If you recognize a number of the following signs in your own or a friends’ behavior, it might very well indicate a gambling addiction.

  • Losing time from work or school due to gambling.
  • Gambling to win money for paying off debts.
  • Gambling decreasing your state of happiness or ambition.
  • Feeling a strong need to win your money back after losing it in a casino.
  • Feeling a strong urge to win more after winning in a casino.
  • Borrowing money to gamble with or to pay off gambling debts with.
  • Selling money to gamble with or to pay off gambling debts with.
  • Gambling longer than planned.
  • Gambling to escape your problems.
  • Stealing money to finance gambling.
  • Trouble with sleeping due to gambling.

If you recognize these problems we advise you to talk to someone about it or seek for professional help. For instance from Gamblers Anonymous.

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