How to choose an online casino?

Online casinoWhen you begin to familiarize yourself with the online casino world it can seem overwhelming. There are so many providers and there is so much choice of games.

Is it safe? Which casino should I choose? And why? Can I still profit somewhere? Which online casino fits well with me?

Here are some tips for a casino to choose what suits you:


If you understand English you have many more options than if you are searching a casino in a specific language. It is important to play in a language where you feel comfortable. Especially if you need to contact any customer services. Sometimes parts of the sites (eg customer service) are in English, while the rest of the website in another language. An important point to watch. This shows the level of localization.

Customer Service

Does the site has an option for support? Can you approach a customer service with questions about casino games, casino software, or the money you’ve won? There are various forms of support: email, live chat, a free 0800 number or a call-back service.

To ensure that the support works properly it is good to give them a try.

Play casinoTypes of casino games

What games does the online casino offer? Only popular games? Or also the even less popular games? If you’re a big fan blackjack online casino

Some casinos have the ability to chat with fellow players or have a video dealer, also called live casino. This makes the game experience more lively and so different.


Casinos offer bonuses, this varies from casino to casino. You get really “free” money. There are several bonuses, so check what you can combine. Read well the “bonus terms & conditions’ through. Do not hesitate to ask for support at the customer service


Which and how big jackpots are at any online casino? And at what ratio they are paid out.

Reviews, awards and tags

Every year voted by players on the best online casino of the year. In different categories such as Best games, best reputation, etc. are handed out prizes. There are also several websites that offer reviews and ratings on online casinos.


There are several sites that offer rankings, recommendations, warnings and tips for an enjoyable and safe bet in a casino. They often have black lists of online casinos. Go to to check such a list

Play casino online 2022


Is the online casino where you want to play controlled by eCOGRA this organisation is there to protect players and look at whether players are paid. It is also important that the software audited by auditors. They control the software manipulation. Price Waterhouse Coopers System Testing and Technical Review are two well-known firms.


When you download software, make sure it is reliable. Big names in the online casino software world:

- Boss Media

- Cryptologic

- Micro gaming

- Playtech

- Real Time Gaming

Is your preferred choice one of these software companies you can assume that the software is safe.

Now I gave you some tips on where you should look at, of course I cant give you the best casino because it has to do about preferences.

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