Myths and misunderstandings about casinos

Online casinosLots of stories about (online) casinos and their games go around. Off course these are not always correct. An amateur casino player might not know what to believe. Today I like to discuss 5 of the most appearing misunderstandings and myths that circulate about casino games.

In every Blackjack game your chances vary

This is only true if you play with one deck of cards and deal manually. Imagine you’re in a casino playing blackjack with only one deck. The moment 4 jacks have already passed , chances are 0% to come across another one.


Off course the world looks totally different if the casino has an automatic dealer. This machine constantly shuffles the cards. More and more casinos are using these machines The dealer mosltyre-enters the used cards quickly back into the machine.

Also in online casinos your chances do not vary per game, the deck will repeatedly be shuffled after every game.

You’re more likely to win from slot machine, if it has not paid out for a while

This is one of the most persistent myths about slot machines. However, it’s not true. With slot machine, every turn, gives you an equal chance. Slots have no memory: at each spin a random combination is formed.

At slots with a progressive jackpot, chances of winning higher amounts are improving every time the machine has not paid out. Since at each turn, a portion of the bet to the jackpot is added.

Online casinos are perfect for money laundering.

Partly true. Criminals prefer regular casinos to launder their money. They pretend to have won money they actually brought in themselves. However, casinos are more and more keen on suspicious transactions. In lots of states and countries the law demands casinos to report suspicious movements.

On the Internet money laundering is a hard nut to crack. The net has a great memory/ All kinds of information is kept by the ISPs, casinos and hosting companies.

Online casinos keep detailed information about all the games, rooms and their player has won and lost. Most online casinos offer “history” tabs for you to see your historical wins and losses. Although this is done for the to compensate you whenever malfunctions, it shows the capability of the site to retrieve historical information.

BlackjackCounting cards at blackjack (card counting) you need a math’s geek

Not true, even you can learn it. Anyone can learn to count cards at blackjack, the only requirement is that you can add and subtract.

If the dealt cards (and thus disappear from the deck) are beneficial to the player you subtract 1. Beneficial cards are 10’s and aces. If cards beneficial to the dealer disappear from the game we add 1. Beneficial to the dealer are all cards from 1 to 7.

When the game starts, you start counting at 0. If your account is negative, more cards in the deck are good for the player. You can raise your bet and become a blackjack winner.

You must be rich to enter a casino

Not true. I used to be one of the believers of this statement. I thought you have to be upper class to be admitted into a casino.

Luckily in a casino you see all kinds of people: The cleaning lady sits next to the lawyer at the slot machines. A soldier and a peace activist may be playing roulette together.

The only requirement to get admitted is having fun. And if you’re not rich don’t worry: In a casino you can play even for one cent!

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