Females representing half of online casino players

Online casino playersThe online gambling industry has become more and more popular in the recent years, with the majority of players being male. However, a new review by Bellerock Entertainment has reported that since the last five years, half of all online casino players in the United Kingdom are female.

One of the reasons may be that women can play their favorite casino games online, thus increasing the popularity of the game.

Another report, this time published by NBCU, established that three-quarters of the female population is tech-savvy, and online.


Women in casino 2022

Casinos have caught on to the trend, and are now targeting female players, and games geared toward women. Two weeks ago, the Grande Vegas ran a Facebook contest in honor of the Academy Awards–a show with mostly female viewers. Players predicted Best Picture Winners, winning bonuses that amounted to $900 including receiving 50% cash back bonuses if they won. Through Facebook they were also able to play poker, blackjack and online roulette.

There were also plenty of Valentine’s Day games for women, also featuring great prizes. And for those who think that men are the top earners in online poker-think again. Women have climbed the online poker ladder, and there are now hundreds of professional online poker players who are female, earning top prizes and cash.

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