The Art of Bonus Hunting

Bonus Hunting Casinos have their plans and strategies to attracting more new players. Just like any other form of business, the casinos come up with attractive measures to suit all their customers’ wants. Most of the common types of strategies mostly found on online casinos are;

Bonuses to new players- casinos largely is this strategy to add onto their number of players where every new player earns some bonus to their accounts to motivate them to register in more bets and actively participate. Although this happens, there are also measures to ensure that the new player does not just win and walk away with the house or the casino money. There is always the wage registration and the house advantage.

Non-cashable bonuses- these bonuses are also earned by new players but ere only credible when they are in the players account but cannot be cashed out.

Comp points- these are bonus points earned by a player as they engage in the gambling activities. These points can be exchanged for cash prizes or other comp points. Different games earn the player different amount of comp points. Some comp points can earn you free tickets to online gambling tournament or even paybacks.

Comp points 2022Bonus hunting

It is a type of advantage where a player can turn the profit of the house to an expected gain.

Bonus disputes- well, in gambling, only the toughest survive. The player can register severally to earn bonus for a new member committing a fraud while also the casino can change the terms of bonuses after the player meets the wagering requirements. This is called the casino fraud.

All these are strategies found in the gaming world and it is advisable for the player to be aware of them because he or she can use them for their advantage to win.

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