Mobile gaming popular in UK

Mobile gamingDo you remember? The first mobile phones where huge! In 1994 you could only call somebody with your mobile phone. And it was online for rich people and businessmen. 16 years later 5,3 milliard people all over the world have a mobile phone. Today we can text message, Internet, call; we even have our own agenda on our mobile phone. There are a numerous possibilities.

Mobile phone gaming is rising

Gaming on the mobile phone is rising. First we could only play simple games such as Nokia’s Snake. Today with the introduction of the smartphone we can download and install our own favourite games. “Today’s Gamers Survey 2009” shows that 20% of the UK people play games on their mobile phone. In the age group 13-34 it’s even around 30%. Other European countries remain at about 10%.Mobile game

If you look at Today’s Gamers Suvery 2009 shows us that puzzeling, card games and arcade games are popular games for the mobile phone. And last but not least, casino games! 10-12% of the UK people gamble on their mobile phone.

Casino games for your mobile phone

But what kind of casino game is fun on your mobile phone? I am a huge fan of simple games like Slots and Roulette. Recently I downloaded a Slot App for my iPhone from All Slots Mobile Casino. The app is powered by Microgaming and Spin3. The app has 10 different casino games included the popular Mega Moolah Microgaming progressive slot. Guaranteed of a full casino experience and with a real money function.

Yesterday when I googled for more iPhone Slot apps I found the Jackpot Slot application. They try to make your Slot experience complete with their funny Slot docksystem. The docksystem unfortunately doesn’t work with all slot applications. But you can download Jackpot Slots for free in the American App Store.


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