Everi has agreed to the Venuetize acquisition.


Everi Holdings has agreed to purchase Venuetize Inc’s assets in order for them expand their mobile capabilities. This deal will allow Everi the opportunity of providing services tailored specifically toward established gaming customers, who are usually only interested with playing on desktop/laptop devices due recent technological advancements made by game developers.

The purchase means Everi will go beyond its casino gaming market for the first time. Venuetize’s system provided an m-commerce platform that can be used in any industry and helps companies engage customers more effectively, leading to revenue opportunities through mobile channels like apps or websites where people spend their leisure time browsing content on tablets rather than watching TV at home alone as they would with traditional television sets.
It is important you include some background information about both companies so your audience knows what they are reading.

“We are excited to announce that we have agreed on terms with Everi Gaming. This acquisition will bring Randy’s vision for the company closer into fruition, and it also aligns perfectly with our capital allocation strategy which has delivered a track record of success by executing high-return accretive investments.”

“The acquisition of Venuetize will enable us to expand our reach into the entertainment, sports and hospitality industries. We should also be able make significant progress in developing new marketing opportunities with customers who have already shown interest for these markets.”

With our expertise in the mobile gaming industry, we are excited to be able provide leading solutions for companies looking into this growing field.

“We have the know-how to design and deliver mobile first platforms that are seamless for your guests. Our experience in stadium engineering will enable us create an engaging game experience across any venue.”

Venuetize’s deal to buy the assets of Everi is expected within 30 days, with cash payment going through standard customary conditions. This isn’t even their first brush against gambling industry news in recent weeks; back when they signed an agreement over at Churchill Downs Racetrack last month we heard plenty about what exciting things are coming next!

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