Ladbrokes have launched a brand-new 5 versus 4 challenge. It’s not just about who has won the most games, but also how you bet!

New game from Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes has announced the launch of a new 5-a side bet, in partnership with Banach and Opta. This exciting initiative will allow football fans to take part even more closely than ever before!

The new 5-a side bet will give customers the opportunity to create their own team from players in games of German Bundesliga, English Premier League and Champions League. Italian Serie A Starring Madrid or PSG could also get involved!

The matchmaker will use statistics and your knowledge of the game to calculate an accumulator price for each chosen player. You can select from one of six different team formations, picking five players that fit into nine types – it’s like playing pool!

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next football game, look no further than this data provider’s statistics. With all the information on who has been performing well and which teams are expected win based off their betting odds then it’ll be easy as pie picking winners!

Ladbrokes are about to launch an epic new way of betting! The slogan for their marketing campaign is “An exciting and innovative concept in gambling,” which sounds pretty great from what we can tell.

“The most exciting thing about this bet is that you’ll be able to follow your favourite players throughout the match!” says Stew Townsend from Ladbrokes. “We know how much fans love following their favorite player’s progress on social media and we wanted them included in everything right down to where they can place a bet.”

It’s been a long time since we had this much fun with our football games. Imagine being able to play as one of your favourite players and improve their skills in real life? That is what 5-A sided game from Ladbrokes does, it lets you take on the role of manager which gives an even greater sense for involvement because everything happens virtually!

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