Ygam CEO, an expert in gambling studies urges the “collaborative approach” to harm reduction.

Ygam CEO

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (Ygam) has thrown its weight behind a collaborative approach to reducing gambling harms.

“This has been an incredible campaign! I am so proud of the work that our team have done, not just in helping raise awareness but also for generating such positive feedback from those who attended events or listened to messages on radio stations around Ireland during Safer Gambling Week. It’s really encouraging knowing how many people feel safer playing games with responsible tech now because it gives them greater confidence when they play.”

Highlighted by her determination to make the industry safer, she stressed responsibility and said “the aims and objectives of Safer Gambling Week should be at heart everything we do every day in our efforts towards this goal.”

While acknowledging that “concerted efforts have been undertaken to raise awareness and open the conversation,” Rigbye believes there is still more work left ahead.

Ygam creates what Rigbye called “a small piece of the larger puzzle.”

Harm reduction is important, but it’s not enough. To have real impact on gambling behaviors and outcomes we need collaboration between all concerned parties – charity workers included!

“We need to do more and come up with a better way of reducing gambling harms,” said Rigbye. “There are many different ways, but I think this collaborative approach is most efficient.”

“This is what we aim to achieve when working together. Whether it’s through government, regulators and operators or charity organizations like Barnardo’s – all those who are committed in preventing gambling harms – we can make a difference.”

Rigbye, a seasoned CEO who previously led two successful businesses to success took over as Ygam’s Chief Executive in January. He brings with him years of experience and wisdom from his time at other companies where he was able contribute greatly by helping them grow rapidly while maintaining strategic planning throughout all stages – something which will be vital for this new venture too!

The launch of a new education framework to teach young people about gambling harm has been announced by Ygam, alongside Fast Forward and GamCare in late September.

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