Dazn Bet has announced the appointment of Gemma Burge as Head of Safer Gambling.

Gemma Burge as Head of Safer Gambling

The newest addition to Dazn’s leadership team, Gemma Burge will be heading up Safer Gambling. She formerly served as Head of Risk Management and Consumer Experience at Paddy Power Bingo before taking on her current role with the company in April this year
Risk management is crucial for any business dealing directly or indirectly with risks such as those associated gambling activities It ensures that these potential problems can be anticipated well ahead of time so they don’t have negative impacts once things go wrong.

Burge is a familiar face to many in the industry. She spent nearly three years at William Hill Bingo, where she served as head of their Safer Gambling Policy Department and led strategy for risk management practices across all departments relating specifically with gambling-related issues such as operational excellence or player protection initiatives.
I’ve worked on several projects involving different typesDazn betting platforms so I know what’s involved when designing them from scratch The task requires deep knowledge about how these particular services operate–not only does every feature have its own set requirements but also there are additional constraints.

Burge is thrilled to announce that she’s been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Starting as Head Of Safer Gambling, Burges will be working for Dazn Bet where there’s plenty on her plate including developing gambling experiences which promote safe play and customer well-being! We can’t wait until this relocate process begins but before then we’ll see you at work or home (or both!)
A few months ago I got an exciting phone call from one my favorite companies – they needed somebody who could help them grow their business in ways only.

The next football season is just around the corner and one new company has plans to take bets online. Dazn Bet will be launching this summer with full technical support from Pragmatic Play, which means you can get your bets in time for both English league matches as well as Premier League games during its first few weeks of launch!
Danish Sportsbook stands proudly on behalf our country’s very own gamers who enjoy betting regularly whether it’s at home or abroad thanks largely due these innovative services offered by companies like us here the.

The company has been growing at a rapid pace and it is no surprise that they are starting to hire some high profile talent.
Mark Kemp, previously CEO of BoyleSports and Tote UK now takes over as Dazn Bet’s new head honcho following his time running both companies which have seen their fair share in this rapidly expanding ecosystem for sports betting entertainment globally.

The new additions to this already impressive team only further attest to the company’s commitment toward providing bettors with a superior product. The hiring of Sandeep Tiku and Ian Turnbull is an indication that they’re serious about embracing innovative technology in order for their customers’ experience at Betting Sportsbook be nothing short than extraordinary.

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