Grover Gaming has recently acquired NexLevel, a leading online gaming service which will allow them to offer bingo games.

Grover Gaming is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ohio-based bingo gaming manufacturer NexLevel Gaming. With this new development, Grovers’ portfolio now includes not only poker but also seemingly less popular table games like klaqueo and nexebuen .
The company says that there are no plans in place for any immediate changes as a result – you can continue playing your favorite slots atsmoking dealer hotels across America until next week!

Grover, which is based in North Carolina and holds licenses to operate across 10 US states including Ohio as well a Canadian province of Ontario has been making waves with their innovative products. The company was even recently featured on fox news for having created what some are calling “the next big thing!”

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has announced that it will be unable to granting any new electronic instant bingo licenses until April at the earliest.

We are excited to welcome the NexLevel team into our family! Garrett Blackwelder, president and owner of Grover Gaming said: “We’re thrilled that industry veterans with years in customer support will be joining us. Their expertise is sure going help take things even further.”

“We are thrilled to have such a seasoned team onboard. With their experience in fundraising and servicing Ohio charities, I know that our clients will be well taken care of by these experts.”

Grover Gaming is a well-established lottery developer that has developed games for many different states across America. They develop game content, software and systems to help charities in their mission of improving lives around the country while also making sure those who win have fun doing so!

NexLevel’s founder, Grover has announced that the company won’t be requiring any of its charitable organizations to sign long-term contracts. Instead he wants focus on providing “the best performing games” for them instead!

Grover has a new team, and they’re ready to go! VP of Sales Jimmy Forrest said “we are in the process onboarding these guys right now – I really look forward seeing their hard work pay off.”

“We’re looking forward to see how Ohio does, as it is often considered one of America’s swing states,” said Joe Francis. “The demand for our products has been great in other parts where we operate- Virginia and North Dakota especially! We think that if everything goes well there then this state will be another successful region for us.”

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