The company Parimatch Tech has opened their new headquarter in the Czech Republic.


Parimatch Tech has opened a new European hub in Prague, Czech Republic, aiming to expand its business despite the war in Ukraine. 

The technology supplier, headquartered in Cyprus has had its research and development (R&D) function move to Kyiv. Alongside this space being converted into a co-worker facility at the onset of war in Ukraine; Parimatch also operates centers around Lviv and Uzhhorod which can house over 1,000 people each!

In the beginning, it is only natural to have a base in your home country. But as time goes on and you grow into an international company with branches around world—you need places where people can work closely together without any language barriers or transportation issues getting between them! That’s why today’s opening of our newest hub means so much: It continues European expansion while simultaneously creating local jobs for those folks who were forced out by recent events from Ukraine…and also brings us one step closer towards building up this great IT cluster!

“We know that our employees are the backbone of Parimatch Tech, and we want them to feel valued. That is why it was so important for us to find a building with great amenities in order provide excellent working conditions – including fitness classes, gyms on site where they can work out while collaborating together as well catered lunch options every day! Additionally there’s child care available if you need some time away from your desk.”

Tatiana Davydova, the Chief Talent Officer at Parimatch Tech said that Czech Republic is a prominent European IT cluster with an impeccable reputation for safety and comfort. It offers high potential in business development – perfect conditions to grow your company!

“To ensure that we are able to offer our employees a competitive salary, the hiring manager for this position has set up an employment priority list. On it will be Ukrainian developers and those from other countries as well – Europe included! We also plan on launching Parimatch Tech Academy again soon with fresh classes starting in less than two weeks time.”

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