Casino Del Sol is offering a first-of its kind NFL Cross Game Matchup in Arizona.

NFL Cross Game Matchup

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the casino, Casino Del Sol has launched a new NFL Cross Game Matchup in Arizona.

The Casino Del Sol is updating their sportsbook with a new, enhanced feature that will allow them to offer players over 450 games throughout the season.

The new NFL Cross Game Matchup will give you the opportunity to bet on any team playing in a game week, no matter which two teams are engaged.

John Collins, the Director of Sportsbook at Casino Del Sol had this to say about their new wager type: “With football prop bets being among our most popular betting options for players,” he told me as we finalized details on how it would work. I could tell that they are confident in making these types adjustments because not only do we offer them online but also through mobile apps which means even if you’re out walking around town with your phone unlinked from any external device capabilities – like an iphone 6s plus running iOS11 or newer! You can still place real-time bets right there without needing WiFi access.

“Our innovative approach to fantasy football has been a resounding success in the world of finance. With this new technology, we are able not only calculate probability estimates for each game but also create trade recommendations based on those numbers! Our traders love it because they can make money without actually betting anything – just trading with their skills and knowledge.”

Casino Del Sol has announced the launch of their new sportsbook, which will be available soon after it was approved by Arizona’s Division Gaming. A year ago these first-in-the state betting options began and now there is a need for more competition as several other casinos prepare to debut theirs too!

The NFL has a new executive dedicated to overseeing sports betting.

The excitement of sports betting is in front, with David Highhill as VP and General Manager. He said that his new remit: “It’s a growing market; it has grown quite significantly over the last three or four seasons.”

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The new brand, which has been launched by the supplier GAN for their clients at Island View Casino in Mississippi is set to offer engaging sporting experiences. It’s called “GAN Sports” and it means exactly what you think: gaming

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