Mohegan is a major economic force in the region, generating over $5 billion for local economies.

$5 billion

Mohegan’s entertainment and gaming entities have accounted for a total of $5.2 billion in local economic activity this year alone!

Mohegan has created an economic impact report for the first time in their history. The data shows how many people are employed by Mogean as well as household income and direct visitor spending which can both have positive or negative effects on local communities depending upon what is being spent money too (eotions).
The company also paid taxes that helped support state & local budgets!

Mohegan has created 35,000 jobs and paid $759m in local taxes as well as gaming contributions. The company also made 639 million dollars worth of purchases which support businesses right around where it operates!

Mohegan has positively impacted communities all over the place! In Connecticut, they helped revitalize an economically struggling town by bringing in new jobs and investments. They did it again when that same company opened up a factory there after closing down another one just two years ago; this time Mohenters are excited about their prospects for job growth because of increased production at Oxford’s newest shoe plant – the first since 1985!!
A recent study done by Oxford Economics found out how wonderful these actions really were as well: not only does Uncasville owe much gratitude (if not entirely) then surely some credit belongs where credit is due here – which means we should.

“The Mohegan Tribe is deeply rooted in supporting the communities we operate and serve,” said James Gessner Jr., Chairman of The Mohegans. “This new report makes clear that our true scale as an economic force has been felt across all these critical partnerships-from charitable giving to sustainability initiatives.”

“We believe that healthy relationships are the key to a successful life. That’s why we follow our “Spirit of Aquai” – living by cultivating productive and long-term connections with all those around us.”

Mohegan has been a successful company because they provide top-notch entertainment and an unforgettable experience to their customers. This is evident by how other businesses have benefited from Mohegans’ success as well!

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