The two companies have announced a partnership that will allow guests at the resort to access complimentary Wi-Fi throughout their stay.


ExteNet Systems, a company that builds 5G and fibre-neutral host communications to help hosts deliver an exceptional customer experience in the hospitality industry. This week they announced their partnership with MGM Resorts International Inc., which includes providing signal solutions for each of its US properties as well!

MGM Resorts guests can now take their favorite shows with them on the go. They’ll enjoy a seamless connection that’s fast and reliable, thanks to this partnership between our company and wireless provider!

By upgrading our mobile network, we can ensure reliable access to apps and other features for visitors. This will eliminate dead zones while increasing the number of available connections per day!

“We’re going after the big boys,” says ExteNet Systems CEO Rich Coyle. His company plans to deploy MGM properties across America in an aggressive deployment schedule that will make them a player on every major network neutral host market around this country.”

We’re excited about the new features that are being added to our system. These enhancements will allow us not only offer more services for guests but also help with future plans and developments as they come up!

MGM Resorts plans to use this new technology in order for their customers have an easier time making reservations, traveling around the resort and checking into hotels without having any problems with keyless check-in.

With the world relying more and more on mobile devices, it is important for resorts like MGM Resorts International to be able provide their guests with an experience that will make them want come back again. Executive Director of Enterprise Collaboration Jim Kimball says they are committed ‘to elevating every guest experience as we evolve into this new reality’.

“We love to provide a great experience for our customers and that’s why we partnered with ExteNet. They are committed not only in providing high-quality products but also delighting their users.”

The new communications system will be used by an expected 70 million guests annually. This deployment is the first of many at 25 MGM Resorts properties, covering 54 million square feet and 43 thousand room locations across all resort hotels.
MGM resorts are excited about their latest technology addition in order to better serve travelers with increased efficiency.

In 2022, all of your favorite destinations will be connected with the new wireless network from MGM Resorts! This means that you’ll never have any connectivity issues when traveling on their properties again.
In 2022 and 2025 respectively – just in time for summer trips plans are coming together at last so make sure to stay tuned here as we announce more news soon enough!

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