Caesars Racebook is making its Florida and Ohio debut!

Betting app

The new Caesars Racebook betting app has been released and it’s a collaboration between their sportsbook, NYRA Bets. This allows for horse racing fans in Florida or Ohio who want to bet on live events from across America without having go through all those pesky layers at settlement time!

It’s easy to get ready for the races when you have a gameplan. The Caesars Racebook app is now available on iOS, giving horse racing fans in Ohio and Arizona access not just pari-mutuel betting but also advanced features like bettors searching by weight or class of competition; getting notifications about upcoming deadlines with live odds updates every time there’s action at any track – even if it isn’t yours!

NYRA Bets has released a new app for horses with Caesars-operated track that will allow bettors to use their interface and technology. This is an expansion of access, as well as future opportunities within this industry world renowned among enthusiasts like you!

“The partnership between NYRA Bets and Caesars is not just good news for horse racing; it’s also great to see such an iconic brand team up with our state agency that regulates gambling here in New York.”

In March of this year, Caesars announced their newest product: The Racebook. This is a betting site that will be adding more states throughout 2022 and beyond! With live streaming for the very first time ever from all over Atlantic City – it’s an important milestone in what has been labeled “The Newface” by many fans who are excited about these changes coming soon to AC.

“We are thrilled to be working with NYRA Bets and look forward to welcoming new customers on the platform, as well as continuing our partnership with Caesars Racebook in launching their product nationwide.

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