The Star is suspending all rebate play programs

Australian casino

The Star Entertainment Group Limited has announced that they are temporarily suspending all domestic and international rebate play programs. They’ve also reconfirmed their commitment to not dealing with junkets, which means you’ll have more time for gaming!

Australian casino operator Sydney Games is announcing the appointment of an independent reviewer to examine its operations. The company has been working closely with Adam Bell SC, who will conduct this review in accordance with Section 6(2) and 7C (3a)of Australia’s Casino Control Act 1992.
The news comes after months-long efforts by Adelaide gambling industry leaders which have seen them take on board many changes recommended through various studies conducted aimed at strengthening self regulation within our sector as well further enhancing consumer protection initiatives such.

“The board has resolved to immediately suspend rebate programs for both domestic and international players across all its casinos until further notice,” said a statement from the operator. “We will work with gaming regulators in order address various identified risks as part of our ongoing reviews processes.”

The Star reports that the company has engaged external advisors and is continuing a significant effort to improve its systems while collaborating fully with this review. It also refers back to their decision made in October 2021 when they ended all junket programs, which will not have any material impact on earnings for FY22 as it did then either way due Covid-related impacts within our business line.

It’s been a busy few weeks for the company with announcements that both colleagues and executives are leaving. The Star announced earlier this month their CFO Harry Theodore, Chief Casino Officer (NSW) Greg Hawkins ,and Legal & Risk Officer Paula Martin have all left office to pursue other opportunities within Australian business culture.
In lighthearted tones The Company expressed sadness at seeing such great talent go but also revealed exciting news about new appointments.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, the board has decided that they will work with executive chairman on finding replacements for these executives. They plan on using an outside firm who specializes in this type of situation and want all interested parties contacted by them so there is no delay during hiring!

The incoming administration is making sure to hire the best people for each position, and they have not disappointed with their selection process. As part of an effort in transition period these appointments were made: Christina Katsibouba was appointed Interim CFO while Geoff Hogg will act as Chief Casino Officer NSW & Qld until more permanent positions can be found; other interim gigs should also come soon enough!

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