Atlantic City will be bustling with activity this Memorial Day Weekend as the city gears up for its newest projects.

Atlantic City will be bustling with activity this Memorial Day Weekend as the city gears up for its newest projects.

The city of Atlantic has announced that they will be promoting their latest developments this coming Memorial Day Weekend, which traditionally marks the beginning for summer travel season.

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) recently approved $18.7m in funding for a new ShopRite supermarket and construction on the Medical Arts Pavilion, while casino renovations include 750 renovated rooms at Bally’s Hotel along with an awesome lobby that was just opened by none other than Gordon Ramsay! We also have some great news from Caesars Atlantic City where they’re building out their beer garden & outdoor pool area into what will be known as “Borgata BBQ.” As if all these projects weren’t enough…Ocean Casinos has finally finished renovating its entire property so now anyone can enjoy gaming without feeling like they need to wear pants.

“The Casino Association of New Jersey is proud to kick off this Memorial Day Weekend with a flourish, welcoming visitors from all over who are looking for some good times and great entertainment. From gaming at the top levels possible or just sitting down in one our restaurants sampling an amazing meal – there’s something here that everyone will love!”

While there are many people who have opinions about whether or not casinos should be allowed in Atlantic City, one thing is for certain – it’s an industry that provides vital economic strength to our region.
The Chamber of Commerce sits as a representative body which voices business owners’ needs and concerns with local policymakers across South Jersey through education initiatives like “COOs Club” (a network designed exclusively for CEOs) where they offer advice on how best prepare your company before entering into new markets; providing information regarding property availabilities/tax incentives available from state government agencies such usProperty tackles tough.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still fresh in our minds, it is more important than ever to continue strengthening local economies. As we grow and prosper as a community this summer season will be good for all of us!

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