Indonesia’s government has vowed to take a tough stance against online gambling.


The Indonesian government has been fighting against online gambling for years now and it looks like they’re winning. 500,000 accounts were shutdown in just four year’s time!

Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. The country’s Criminal Code prohibits it and those who break this law could face up to six years of prison time, or more if they’re caught again after being convicted on previous charges related with gaming websites like Betfair (or any other site).

The island of Singapore is a popular destination for those seeking online gambling. Since 2018, over 534 thousand accounts have been terminated due to their activities on this site alone!

The Government has taken a number of steps in an effort to block online gambling sites. They are constantly being created, but new ones continue popping up without pause thanks largely due their ability operate overseas where laws aren’t as strict or enforcement can be lessened altogether depending on which country you’re located within that particular region’s borders – something which makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies across different states share information about potential criminals who might live outside one state but conduct business locally (and vice versa).

Suspicious online platforms are being used for gambling IPA: The authorities have flagged a number of sites suspected to offer services in this area. These include Domino Qiu Qiu, Topfun and Pop domino MVP ludo dream among other things  — all with the same goal – gaming you out until your paycheck hits!

The Government is cracking down on illegal gambling sites, and they’re not going to let them get away with it. Allegedly a range of online platforms registered with the government while illicitly offering their services at same time as well!

The Government has announced that it will be working to re-assess registered online platforms and ban any gambling activity found in order.

Indonesia’s National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has issued orders to his staff telling them that online gambling is a detrimental activity which needs be eradicated. The order comes after reports leaked out about how government officials are seeking ways on how best regulate the industry and prevent any future problems from occurring again like what happened last year when there was an outbreak which resulted in over 30 deaths due caused by corrupted betting transactions.
I’m not sure if you’ve heard but certain people who back or support this type of thing (online gaming) may become targets now because they’re considered criminals according t othe law here.

The Internet is a wild and wacky place. One day you’re browsing for cat videos, the next your account has been frozen because someone reported seeing gambling activity on one of those sites that looks an awful lot like KingKoi88 or Winlab 88 (or whatever).
It’s true: we live in confusing times when it comes to online gaming! A few weeks ago authorities shut down eight different game rooms run by this syndicate – accused mainly with running pokies (that’s Australia slang) but also some other types too – including goldmain box simulator bets where players try their luck at winning cash prizes through guessing numbers hidden behind bottles.

The eight suspects were arrested in a raid on 13 August at an apartment building accused of managing online gambling and providing support including marketing.

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