An exciting new venue for Sports and social events has opened in Michigan.


Detroit is getting its own Sports and Social DraftKings venue! The new location will be open late night, so you can enjoy some gambling while watching the sports events of tomorrow.

This fall, the newest location of Somerset Collection is set to open. Located in an pristine setting with lush greenery and breathtaking views – it’ll be hard not find your perfect place here!

“Imagine a world where you can bet on your favorite sports and socializing with friends. That’s what we’re cooking up! We are proud to announce our partnership with DraftKings for this revolutionary new way of gambling.”

Guests are sure to have a great time at the event with all of its gifts and amenities. They will be able to gamble on their favorite games from online, play daily fantasy sports through mobile apps while watching multiple streams simultaneously – it’s not just about winning money anymore!

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the new 10400 square foot facility will include a DraftKings lounge that can be used by guests for private parties and events as well an outdoor patio where you’ll find dining options along with live music.

The new Social and Sports DraftKings venue will be designed by ICrave, a strategy firm with experience in designing sports-related businesses.

“We’re excited to launch the company’s first ever mobile sportsbook app with an innovative in person experience,” said Michael Kibort, Senior Director at DraftKings.

“The support of Live! Hospitality and Entertainment has made our event a resounding success. We are proud to offer an immersive dining, sports, or entertainment experience for all guests.”

“DraftKings is an industry leader in sports and entertainment,” said Reed Cordish. “We’re excited to be working with them on this collaboration for our newest social app.”

“The new Sports and Social DraftKings will change the landscape for dining and sports entertainment.”

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