The Danish regulator has spoken and bet365 will have to do some serious patches up on their due diligence.

Danish regulator

Bet365 has been handed down a reprimand from Denmark’s gambling regulator for breaches in customer due diligence.

The Danish Gambling Authority has accused bet365 of failing to conduct adequate checks on a young player who deposited “about DKK 190,000 ($27370) in just over one year.”
Under Nordic country’s anti-money laundering act operators are obliged investigate and register suspicious financial activity. But according the gambling authority intertops casino company didn’t do this correctly when it came down concerning their own employee’s deposit transactions which were reported as being unusual by an external party that noticed something wasn.

bet365 failed to investigate the player properly, and because of this oversight there were no notes on their activity.
The player is 29 years old with $29000 deposited into account—a considerable sum for someone so young! bet365 had cause to examine these funds more closely but instead just requested information about income which turned out not be enough when it came down to determining if anything bad could happen from playing such high stakes games without supervision or regulation by adults in society as well-so they accepted defeat despite having opportunities at hand where some other regulating bodies would have caught onto what was happening sooner than later due mostly.

The DGA was not pleased with bet365’s investigation into the player and his funds. The regulator expressed that it should have prompted them to do more research, like requesting information from income sources or credit card companies about where these money came from in order for there be no questions asked later on down road when players start complaining about unfair treatment because they were never told what really happened behind closed doors while playing against anbot account!

bet365 was recently criticized by the Danish gambling regulator for failing to comply with customer due diligence measures. However, bet 365 has since implemented new business procedures which have led them in a better light as it comes down towards maintaining compliance across all types of players and platforms.

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