The latest ASA Paddy Power ad verdict is too harsh.

Paddy Power

In a recent decision, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld complaints that an advertisement for Paddy Power casino did not adhere to responsible gaming standards. With their ad slogan “spend money like its your job”, they were accused of encouraging players to lose all sense of reality by creating unrealistic expectations and then offering no chance at redemption or understanding how much time it will take before one can get his/her losses back through actual gameplay – a practice commonly referred to as “money mapping” in this case.

The advert for Paddy Power’s Wonder Wheel game features a young man so involved in his mobile device that he doesn’t notice the laugh track on-screen. When asked if he thinks his mom will end up looking like her, all of our protagonist’s thoughts go straight to how much better she looks than him!

It is important to note that the two complaints about this advertisement were upheld by ASA. They argued it depicted “gambling as taking priority in life and was therefore irresponsible,” but these holier-than-thou consumers don’t seem like they’re thinking with their head or heart when making such an judgmental statement – more so just looking out for other people’s feelings because who doesn’t want someone else telling them what kind of media can be marketed?

Paddy Power’s advertisement was lambasted by the ASA for encouraging gambling behaviour which is socially irresponsible. They have disputed these complaints, claiming that it implies commitment to family life through portrayal in scene traditional setting with young man realizing he may have offended girlfriend–as well as other ASA decisions against them regarding similar ads previously clearing classification guidelines on different platform(s).

The ASA has previously upheld advertisements for this product, so it’s not the first time they’ve seen something like this. They noted that “in context” of an ad as a whole, their interpretation is referring to real-life examples rather than losing bets or anything else gameplay related–which makes sense considering how far from reality those claims can be!

The ASA has finally realised that it is not always easy to determine what jokes are actually funny, and which ones will get a reaction from people. In the case of Sky Bet advertising their odds at gambling sites with presenter Jeff Stelling’s comment “how big is your sports noggin?,” many were angry because they felt like he implied good knowledge would increase chances for success in betting on sporting events when really all it did was throw out an empty boastful sentence without any substance behind its wit or humor.”

The case of Sky Bet could set a precedent for this one?

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