Affinity Interactive and Ruby Seven Studios have launched A-Play Online, an online platform that will allow players of all abilities to explore games in their own way.

Affinity Interactive and Ruby Seven Studios

The new free-to play gaming experience A Play Online is now live! Get your hands on this one and follow the instructions to open up a world of fun.

The company has launched a new gaming platform that will allow players to enjoy over 100 different games such as blackjack, bingo and keno.

The platform will offer a variety of casino slots with free spins and bonus games. Some examples include:
Konami’s Astronomical Magic or Chili-Chili Fire, Aruze’s Wealthy Lions (from provider AGS) dance party festival from Everi Technology Inc.; while ICT provides you guessed it – incredible Technologies!

The A-Play Online service is a totally free to play option with in app purchases that enhance the gaming experience.

Coin prizes will be awarded upon completion of daily quests, with players able to play with friends for additional coin bonuses. In-game coins are provided every two hours and provide a way for users who don’t want cash cards but still need something valuable in return on their gaming platforms!

Ruby Seven has been the “ideal partner” of Affinity for over 10 years. We have developed many successful casino apps and we know how to make your game stand out in this genre!

Affinity is a gaming company with casinos in three different states. They have more than one million customers who play their games, and it’s Affinities job to make sure these players keep coming back for more!

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