BetBull has made the difficult decision to stop all gambling activity.

Gambling activity

Operator BetBull has made a difficult decision and will be closing its doors as of 3rd July 2022. In an effort to provide clarity for customers before they make any further investments in this space, we’ve created the below FAQ section which includes key dates you should know!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!
The new feature will only be revealed if BetBull has mentioned someone in their post. This way no one else getscluded but those who are invited by them, which should make for some interesting threads with everyone talking about how They found out first!

“The esteemed betting site, BetBull is about to close its doors for good. However before you go glancing through the list of winners and losers looking at all those gamblers who didn’t save enough money or just want one last fling with their favorite Webcam Model; no need fear because as usual there’s plenty more where that came from!”

The advertising campaign for Betbull had just come to an end with none other than football icon Eric Cantona.

The brand has stressed the social aspect of its betting experience but without speculating too much, it appears that these features have not caught on. #NeverBetAlone is frequently used as a hashtag on Twitter for this particular company’s biography information.

Wynn Resorts, one of the most successful casinos in America with over 30 billion dollars earned since its inception is taking on an new challenge – online gambling. In October 2018 US operator Wynn bought 22.5% stake in Golden retriever which will help them compete better against other internet gaming companies like BetMoley or 888 pubs.

The rumour has been going around for years that Wynn Resorts will sell off its sports betting and digital arm, but it finally came to fruition this year. The news isn’t surprising given how little shareware they have in major US markets; if anything we can expect them make more money from Nevada’s residents than ever before!

On 3 July, the betting site BetBull will no longer be able to offer their services as they have been not issued with a UK licence and are required by law to end all gambling activity.

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