NetBet Italy has teamed up with Evolution to provide live streams of sports and casino games.

Sports and casino games

Netbet is partnering with Evolution to offer their games on the online casino platform. The deal will provide players access for gambling in an exciting new world of slot machines, table games like blackjack or poker as well video lotteries such those offered by Italy’s favorite son Mario Kart 8!

NetBet is all about giving bettors an edge, and that means having the best product offerings available. The latest partnership will give them even more choice as it includes some high-quality games like NBA 2021 or Europa Universalis IV which have strong followings across NetBets international markets!

The new deal means that NetBet players will be able to enjoy live gaming titles from the Evolution portfolio, including Live Roulette and Lightning Roulette.

NetBet is proud to announce that they have joined forces with Evolution Gaming. The company promises players will be able enjoy the experience as if it were one of their own, and we can’t wait!

NetBet has been making moves to keep its arsenal up-to date with the latest developments in gaming technology. In May 2022, they partnered WMG – one of America’s most innovative developers and providers for online gambling content since 1997! A few month later Spribe became another trusted name on NetBets’ list when it signed an agreement too late deliver top notch service that will enrich your experience at every turn.

NetBet is a company that was founded in 2008 and specializes in online gambling. They offer customers access to thousands of casino games as well as daily sports events, which are updated weekly with new ones being added every day!

Evolution’s real-time casino streaming solutions and live dealer platforms are seeing a range of international operators adopting them. Recently, they launched their offerings in West Virginia through Rush Street Interactive’s BetRivers brand after securing deals with Soaring Eagle Gaming to provide this service for Michigan residents as well.
In an effort at making the gambling experience more enjoyable while also protecting players’ funds from being lost due exposure online , UK based EVOLUTION has developed innovative technology which allows users access betting sites without having any problems…

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