Wizard of Oz Slot Review

Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz? If so, then this video slot interpretation by WMS Interactive is a must. With high winning chances and rewarding features that are similar in nature to those found within their namesake novel’s story line; players can expect plenty fun from playing around with these games! We have tested out all aspects including symbols/microchips etc., resulting positive reviews- read our review today before finding your favorite casino site which offers it online.

Wish to embark on a magical adventure with Scarecrow, Dorothy and Co? WMS Gaming has the perfect slot for you! Play The Wizard Of Oz slot machine online at our website or download it onto your desktop. You will be able to visualise this timeless story once more as well win generous rewards if lucky enough…

The Wizard of Oz slots are one the most played titles on WMS because they have so many features to keep you interested. From excitement and volatility, this game has it all!


Wizard of Oz Slot

Playing video slots is always a blast! 30 ways to win, with free spins and wilds that can substitute for any other symbols. This game from WMS Gaming features all kinds of fun bonus rounds too- even scatters which give you more chances at winning big time when they appear on top lines during gameplay.
The game, which features cartoon versions of characters from The Wizard Of Oz is designed to be played with stake sizes ranging between $1-5. Jackpots are generous at $50000 prizes!

This next game is perfect for those who love classic slots, but want something with an added twist. The Paytable listed here has many different themes that will have you betting on your favorite book or movie!
The bright and colourful graphics of this slot machine make it come to life. There are plenty wild symbols as well as scattered ones available, which means you can keep playing for more chances at getting big payouts! Plus there’s a bonus round or two in addition that will give players everything they need with just one spin – even if their bet doesn’t amount too much (which won’t happen often!). Play online through web browser on your desktop computer OR take advantage our mobile app so when travelling at this beautiful slot!

When you are learning how to play slots, one of the most important things is which symbols will give players good payouts. With Wizard Of Oz Slots game it’s easy because they have all characters from classic movie flashing on screen for big winnings! If your lucky enough get 5 icons or just landing any single icon then 1k credits could be yours – isn’t that worth playing? Leading lady Dorothy awards 750 credits per symbol so she’s definitely worth getting too; besides she has great bonuses including free spins if lands both green men ( Tin Man & Scarecrow)

Bonus Games

Wizard of Oz Slot Bonus

The Wizard of Oz Slots is a game with an enticing jackpot and some bonuses that will help you win big. The most valuable symbol in this slot machine? You guessed it: The Mighty Dollar! Five “Mighty Dollar” can get up to 10,000 free coins if they land on their feet – but watch out for those pesky gambling writers who want nothing more than your cash cow before delivering all joyfully-earned prizes into collecting hands…

The best symbol to score across any reel on this game are the 4 cherries. You’ll get 1,000 for each one you land and an additional 3 symbols will earn 100 extra points which makes them by far your most valuable resource when it comes down what kind of prizes can be won from regular gameplay sessions! However there isn’t much progressivity in terms either size or payout so even though they aren’t giving out huge jackpots like some other games do.

The beautiful and helpful Glinda the Good Witch will appear on your screen to give you a chance at landing some big wins. She’s in pink bubble that flies around, freezing 3-5 rotating reels with each touch so it is easy for players like us who need all of their help!

What’s not to love at this slot? The game has all sorts of bonuses that are reminiscent from the film, like an expanding wild symbol. And if you manage get 3 or more Emerald City symbols in your bet – which is possible thanks to these little gems popping up at random — then there will be one special prize waiting for ya! What could it be?! We’re not telling…

The biggest bonus isn’t even on offer during gameplay; instead players can win freebies by activating certain keywords throughout their stay online before they expire later tonight/this afternoon depending where exactly they played.

When the base game features are activated, you will see Glinda fly across your screen and change up to 4 reels wild. This can result in big wins! There’s also Oz Pick which triggers when 3 Emerald City symbols appear on 1st through 5th lines simultaneously – giving players quite a few options like cash prizes or even getting special Winged Monkey bonus game where they have chance at winning an additional prize while playing all paylines.


Wizard of Oz Slot For Free

Wizard of Oz is one game where the wild card takes on a life all its own. It substitutes for other symbols to create combinations that could win you money, but won’t if there’s no payout attached!

The Jackpot symbol is a lucky charm! If you get the chance to land one of these elusive prizes, don’t pass it up. The payout for 5 symbols is 10k credits and there’s also an additional bonus awarded when logos are landed in total – making this jackpot especially enticing at higher levels where players can win big time on their next spin or pull from destiny!

The Wizard of Oz icon offers a little illustration for the Land of OZ. This pays 1k credits per symbol, 250 units if you buy 4 symbols and 75c each to get 3 pieces – a great deal!

While the protagonist of this story pays 750 credits for 5 symbols, 150 is charged when acquiring 4 or 3. And finally there’s a discounted price of 50 that can be obtained by purchasing just one symbol!

The three companions of Dorothy were the Lion, scarecrow and tin man. These four help her throughout her journey to find Button-the representing heart piece in this story. You can get 500 credits for 5 symbols or 100 if you have 4 left over after buying them at 25 each which is an affordable price considering they’re worth more than that!

Ruby Slippers. The symbol of the Wicked Witch, Cat is an independent character not part o this trio but can still form a winning pay line with them together giving you 150 credits for 5 symbols 25 if there are 4 in total and 10 will do just fine when playing on 3 reel machines.


Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

If you’re looking for a fun game with an interesting theme, then surely Wizard of Oz can be your go-to. Not only does it offer lots upon bonus features and mini games but also some serious money Jackpots!

Wizard of Oz slots is a game which offers players the opportunity to play just for fun or bet real cash. There’s also an demo version, so those looking get acquainted with this awesome title can do so before risking any hard-earned coins on its behalf! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading up about it in our review – good luck!

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