Wild Life Slot Review

The IGT Wild Life slot has players on an African safari with potentially lucrative winnings. The unpredictable nature of this game can be either helpful or harmful, depending upon how it’s played! You also have free spins that offer re-triggered options and locking wild reels for improved chances at hitting a prize during your journey through the continent.

The Wild Life slot game is all about what you get when there are no limits! Read our expert review to find out how much real money can be won at this online casino and learn the best strategy for playing it. We’ll go into details on features, graphics/visuals (inspiring), payouts as well as whether or not playing Wild Life Slot machine via mobile devices works well enough in these modern times where people often travel abroad!

When you land on the African safari theme, IGT and Spielo do not disappoint with strong visuals that create a welcoming atmosphere. The warm colors will make it feel as if your in one of their countries – whether South Africa or Kenya! For those who want to experience all nature has offer up close without ever leaving home there’s no better way than playing this game which lets players adventure through sub-Saharan Africa justyi gaming online slots .

We’re not ones for hyping up casino slots, but if you like your games wild and somewhat unpredictable then the Wild Life may just be what’s on top of that list. It has all sorts of features including stacked symbols which means more potential combinations than any other game out there!

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IGT is proud to be recognized as the leading slot and content provider during ICE 2020. The company’s market-attuned solutions will create exceptional gaming experiences for players, further validating IGC’s leadership in developing new markets with cutting edge technology Igpayt relief from slots?


Wild Life Slot

Wild Life is a slot machine that takes you on an adventure to Africa, where the wild animals are waiting for their next victim. When they form special combinations with symbols like elephants and rhinos it will bring in real money!

Wild Life by IGT is the slot with highest stakes, which means that if you risk it all on one turn then chances are good your bet will be successful. There are 3 rows of pictures and 5 reels in this game so there’s plenty for players to take advantage from!

You’re probably wondering why this game has such a high volatility. Well, it’s because the symbols are determined by luck – there is no strategy involved in getting them! But don’t worry; if you play your cards right and find yourself with more than 1000 coins at stake (which can happen), then let me tell ya: Your hair will turn white from all of those payments…

The most expensive symbol here would be Wild card which appears on both middle reel spaces as well as throughout other parts within each respective pay table offering 2-5 thousand dollars when found during gameplay.

Bonus Games

Wild Life Slot Mashine

The Wild Life slot is all about the wild symbols. The roaring lion is not only one of the most intimidating symbols out there, but also has a special power that helps you form winning combinations. This expanding reel will substitute for other icons on your screen and lock into place during bonuses round – giving it extra value!

What’s better than one free spins? 20 of them! You read that correctly. When three, four or five scatter symbols appear on screen at once they will trigger 10-, 15- or even 20 free spins desired outcome without any risk involved because these challenges can be solved with just 1 button press each time – saving you valuable seconds so use it wisely while playing this game for real money.

The scatter symbols are your ticket to the bonus round in this slot game. You can get it anywhere on any reel, but if you find an Africa symbol scattered around then there’s also a chance for free spins!

The Wild Life bonus round is a lucrative and exciting way to win big! If you manage to land the expanding wild symbol on reel two, three or four then your luck will be in for some major payouts. Landing this sticky symbols guarantees an additional 2 free spins each time it re-triggers which means up until 200 total turns can potentially add more money into what’s already been won by continuing these lucky streaks even further with scatters.


Wild Life Slot Online

Play slot games with African animals like the Wild Life slot! The five safari-themed symbols in this game are lions, elephants rhinos giraffes and zebras. You can find these beautiful creatures on 10 paylines that award winning left to right or vice versa so it’s important not just for their sake but yours too because double coins equals more chances at promotion money per spin (or free spins).

The Wild Life has an interesting set of symbols that you won’t find anywhere else.

The symbol of the wild is a roaring, pouncing lion. It can substitute for all other symbols except scatter to help you land that winning combination!

Expanding Wild is a wild symbol that turns the entire reel into it and substitutes for all other symbols except scatter. During free spins, this expands to remain locked in place! This greatly improves your chances of getting higher payouts on any won money with these special features activated.
When the scatter symbol appears, it replaces all other symbols on your line-up and triggers free spins!


Wild Life Slot for Free

The Wild Life slot is not the best-designed safari game out there, but it still offers some decent fun. The expanding wild symbols that can be found at any stage of gameplay will provide you with wins no matter what happens after this point; if players get two or more on their free spins then big prize pools start coming immediately thanks to a both ways pays mechanic!

The game is a lot of fun and has some cool features that make it even better. There’s nothing to complain about, so if you’re into African style games then I’m sure this will be your thing!

The game has a wide range of bets from £0.1 to 200 per spin, which should appeal for many players because the volatility is high but so too are your chances at winning! You have an 90% chance ( 92%) on average when playing this machine if you match all five symbols in any one line or another huge win can be won worth up 500k pounds – not bad right?

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