We take a look at the potential candidates for Women’s EURO 2022 stadium selections.


It seems that UEFA can’t help but make fun of itself. The organization has poked fun at its low-key and small stadiums for Women’s EURO 2022 football competition, which will be played in France this year!

The match between Belgium and Iceland was not only intimidating on the field but also had a subtle advertising campaign. To remind people that their stadium, Man City’s Etihad Stadium is just 650 meters away from where they were playing at Gamescom in Germany this summer Olympics bid winner contractor walked around with an arrow pointing towards it saying “this way if you want to bet”.

The stadium was not able to hold its full capacity because it only has 5,000 people in total. The nearby Etihad Stadium seemed like an option for this game but City played at their academy ground instead and both ends of the pitch were standing terraces which aren’t allowed by UEFA regulations so they took away some seats from each end making things less cozy than expected.

One might have thought this was a joke at first, but when you looked closer it became clear that these weren’t just any old words written on an inflatable. They were actually asking for suggestions from anyone who had seen anything bigger than what they had been using so far- which seemed like pretty pointed question considering their size!

The UK has been in an unprecedented heatwave lately, with temperatures reaching highs that are unbearable to be outside. But what’s worse than feeling like your body is on fire? When you go out and see people dressed for the weather – wearing clothes designed specifically so they don’t get wet or sweaty! It just doesn’t seem fair when we’re stuck inside all day long while others enjoy nice days at their leisure…
I think it would make more sense if there was some type of lottery system where anyone could buy tickets but only winners got chosen – this way everyone gets a chance at enjoying our beautiful British summertime (even though most won’

It’s no secret that the women’s game has seen significant growth over recent years. With this tournament being so big, it would have been a shame if teams missed their chance to play in front of record crowds because of stadium decisions!
Paddy Power says “the progress girls football made last year could be erased due these greedy owners” They blame themselves for not taking action sooner rather than later- what do you think?

“It’s a little worrying that the fear of empty seats might put football executives off selecting bigger and better stadium plans. We’re all accustomed to an half-full Etihad every week anyway!”

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