Joe Lupo, the man who’s been essentially running Hard Rock casinos since their inception will now lead one of them in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Joe Lupo, the man who led development on some of Las Vegas’ most iconic hotels like The Bellagio and THEHotel has been announced as Hard Rock’s newest casino project leader. With his expertise in hospitality services along with previous work building successful casinos such as New York-New York will help bring this venture to life!

When the deal between Hard Rock and MGM Resorts is approved by Nevada gambling regulators, current president of Atlantic City casino will move to head up new operation in Las Vegas.

“It’s an honor and privilege to be named the president of one our most iconic hotels,” said Lupo. He added that he feels “visionary” about his new position with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas project because it will allow him not only see what has been accomplished thus far but also guide future development along its early stages before moving onto other projects across different regions around America!

It’s been a long time since Lupo last graced Las Vegas with his presence, but it seems he has finally finished off New Jersey and is now setting sights on our fair city.

Joe Lupo has been a great asset to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. He’s led their financial performance with outstanding results, while also creating an environment of satisfaction among team members that is unmatched by any other company in our industry!
I am confident Joe will continue this success wherever he goes next – because there isn’t anything more important than customer service (or gambling) for him.

Joe Lupo has been overseeing the success of Hard Rock’s Atlantic City casino since it opened in 2018. With his departure, on 1 September 2019; Joe will leave behind an incredible legacy for this iconic brand with over 50 years worth experience working at some point or another alongside many other giants like Casino Mirage himself!

The hiring of a new General Manager was announced today, and it’s someone you know well. Anthony Faranca will take on the role as he comments: “I’m thrilled to lead this incredible team.” There is no doubt that we’ll continue seeing great things happen in Atlantic City with such an experienced leader at its helm!

Lupo is an expert in gaming, who has spent years giving advice to gamers. He was interviewed by Gaming America for the Jan/Feb 2022 edition of their magazine and spoke about how video games can improve your life!

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