The world’s first decentralised sports betting protocol has now gone live in beta.


The world’s first decentralised sports betting protocol, developed by the Monaco Project and launched on Solana’s devnet for developers to build complementary products.

What if you could win big at sports betting without spending hours waiting on hold or dealing with technical difficulties? With the Protocol, bettors across Europe and beyond will be able to enjoy low-cost trades that are quick & easy.
The global clearinghouse for all things sporting related just got way better thanks!!!

The protocol is a blockchain-based open source that gives third parties the opportunity to develop their own applications on it.

The world’s first betting application built on the Monaco Protocol is now in a closed beta with community members and over 80 thousand people are waiting to get their hands on it.

Bet Dex is an innovative company that has taken the world of betting by storm. They currently offer football services, but plan on introducing additional sports soon enough!

The future of sports betting is decentralised in nature and the Monaco Protocol gives us a head start on that industry advancement, with BetDex Co-Founder Varun Sudhakar at its forefront.

“We’re not messing around when it comes to sports betting. Our team has enough experience and knowledge in this industry that we can get your license before year end, so don’t worry about missing out on any action.”

Bet Dexter is the brainchild of three former FanDuel executives, who were tired with what they felt was an unfavorable platform for professional players. To create a better experience and provide incentives to attract more fans like them in addition with reward points that can be cashed out at anytime or used towards new signup fees if desired; Betdex has secured £21 million ($24 880 000) seed funding round led by crypto investment firm Paradigm & Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX .

BetDex is on a mission to realize the potential of sports betting and make it available for everyone. With offices in both New York City as well as Scotland, this company has ambitious goals that they’re working hard towards achieving through innovation- from launching new products like live streaming services or an app based Luckbox game which allows you bet against your own odds!

The co-founder and CTO of BetDex, Tonner said: “We are absolutely committed to producing a leading platform for sports betting. With our expertise in blockchain technology we will be able provide innovative features that have never been seen before on any other gambling site.”

“We are excited about the progress that we’ve made this year and what’s coming up in months. Our team continues to grow, with many milestones ahead before December is over!”

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