The Holland Casino is a popular spot for gambling enthusiasts. They have generated over € 353 million in revenue, and paid off their tax debt to the country!

€ 353 million in revenue

Holland Casino is taking in more than ever before! The online gambling giant has seen its revenue increase by €81.8m over last year’s figure, with especially great results coming from their homepage slot machine – which took off to new heights during H1 2022 when it collected £150000 ($170000).

The company’s recovery from the pandemic has been impressive. In 2020, their revenue grew by 50% and they achieved an EBITDA margin almost twice as large thanks to increased efficiency in production processes that were put into place before restrictions on coronavirus ceased allowing them greater flexibility while still maintaining quality standards expected by customers worldwide.

The Holland Casino has been able to repay €51.7m of tax debt accrued throughout the global pandemic with its financial recovery, allowing it once again be considered fully-functional and profitable on an international scale!

The company is committed to preventing and combating gambling harm. It will report on these anti-gambling measures every six months in its half year report!

Holland Casino is grateful for their loyal guests, who have shown up en masse to the casino again. And as if it were just any other day at work – the employees do everything in their power so that these visitors can enjoy themselves without worry or concern!

The Holland Casino has seen an increase in online traffic over recent months as more people turn to us for our great offers. We expect this trend will continue during 2018, which is why we’re optimistic about the company’s chances at success this year – especially since they have access not only labor but also capital resources like loans from banks or funding sources such investors who want something safe yet lucrative investments!

“The company has had a difficult first half of this year. However, we are making progress in building up the foundation for long-term success by taking on challenges headon and continuing to invest heavily into research & development.”

The CEO of this company is very happy with their recent financial results. They say that they are making a profit again and in good shape financially, even though it will take them up until October to repay the deferred tax bill by 60 installments!

“We are also looking at whether it is possible and responsible to do this more quickly without jeopardizing the further financial recovery of Holland Casino.”

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