The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has orders Ease Gaming to stop operating in the country.

Swedish Gaming Inspectorate

The Gaming Inspectorate of Sweden has issued a temporary ban on the company Ease gaming, which prevents them from operating in that country. They do not hold necessary licences and were found to be advertising their services illegally as well.

We know you love playing your favorite games, so we want to make sure that this is a decision made in consultation with yourself.

The company was banned from operating in Sweden after the regulatory body found that it had provided games directly to Swedish customers under its brand name, even though they are not allowed due certification requirements for such business practices under European Union law.

The Gaming Inspectorate found that this website had information available in Swedish, showed the country of Sweden as an option when registering for their account and offered customer service exclusively through language offending to Swedish consumers.

The Gaming Inspectorate of Sweden found that the Casineia website originated in Curaçao, from an address on Abraham de Veersraat 9. This finding provides proof to how far this web-based activity has spread and what kind of damage it could be causing for both Swedish citizens as well other countries around Europe who have seen an increase within their own gaming industry lately due too many cases like these coming up recently.

The Ease Gaming company is active in Curaçao, but its licence – 8041/JAL – does not apply overseas.

There are new regulations in place to ensure that gaming operators only offer games supported by an appropriate license. The reason for this is because of how it would be too easy for children and teenagers who may not know better, or have been encouraged by friends already playing these types o fgames without supervision from adults present at home during hours when they’re supposed sleeping (which can happen).

The Swedish regulator found that Ease Gaming failed to adhere not only in having the proper license but also by providing adequate gaming considerations.

The gaming site offers deposits, withdrawals and profits exclusively in Swedish currency. It uses a top-level domain that’s only available on this particular platform; all information about games played through the website is primarily conducted in Sweden (i e., it references various terms like “winnings” or how long ago someone logged into their account). And finally – you’ll be glad to know I’ve underlined what might very well make up your next big win!

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