The company Softswiss has completed their certification process for GamCare, an anti-fraud service that will help them improve customer care in the future.


The Softswiss Managed Services Anti-Fraud team is taking steps to focus on social responsibility and improve its service.
The company has completed a GamCare led course, which focuses heavily in focusing their attention towards achieving this goal by educating employees about what they need for success within the industry as well providing resources where needed most like financial counseling or job training programs.

The trainers attended a course on responsible gambling this week, where they learned how to communicate more effectively and motivate people towards positive changes in their behaviour.

This training was designed to give the Anti-Fraud team a new way of looking at gambling and how they can stop it. The goal is not only prevention but also awareness for consumers who want safe experiences when playing games online or in person.

The Softswiss team is always striving to improve their knowledge and put it into practice right away.

The GamCare course teaches students to deal with inquiries from clients on gambling-related issues and risks in a way where they can build trust through communication.

Softswiss is a company that provides high-quality security and expertise to their clients. They are committed towards delivering “perfection in service” for all of those they serve, which means you can expect nothing less than excellence from them!

Softswiss Anti-Fraud Support is an integral part of our company’s commitment to support for casino and sports wagering brands. We provide a full range of services that help you keep your players safe, including 24/7 fraud detection capabilities with live monitoring 911 service included in all SoftSwiss Managed Services subscriptions!

The Anti-Fraud team is doing a great job of protecting players from scammers who try to take their money through online casinos. Between January and March, they resolved 75 major complaints regarding suspicious activity with total savings reaching up at €2.8m ($3M)!

Praxis Tech and SoftSwiss have signed a partnership that will take the supplier’s softwares into more global markets.

Through this deal, Praxis has provided access to its portfolio of more than 510 payment service providers and over 1 thousand alternative methods for payments. This enables SoftSwiss with new markets they could previously only reach through specific types or amounts in Supported currencies

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