The Bacta Social Responsibility Exchange will be taking place in November.

British Amusement Catering Trade Association

The British Amusement Catering Trade Association (Bacta) is hosting its annual Social Responsibility Exchange at the County Hall in London on 22 November 2022. This event will bring together leaders from across UK industries for a day-long discussion about how they can work more closely with local communities and give back even when it’s difficult circumstances like economic hardship or natural disaster.
The objective? To inspire others who are feeling uncertain about their future because this country has been through so much over recent years – but also understand there must be steps taken towards getting back onto an stable financial footing before we start making improvements everywhere else!

With increasing competition for membership in health care organisations, it is more important than ever to be able not only provide quality services but also make an impact on people’s lives. This event will feature best practices from members who share their strategies and tactics around social responsibility- something that Elizabeth Speech feels strongly about!

YGAM and GamCare will be speaking at the event, alongside social responsibility updates from Gambling Commission.

“We’ll be delivering the latest news from across Britain’s gambling agencies, including developments that will have an impact on your day-to-day life. You can also expect to learn more about how you are protected by law when it comes into contact with these issues.”

Members of the Bacta social responsibility committee will be hosting a day-long event where they can discuss strategies and tactics for engaging with members across different industries. The goal is that by leaving this conference, attendees should know more about how their company needs to improve in order meet society’s demands while also having exchanged knowledge on what these advancements entail from both an internal perspective as well external point view.

The trade body for owners and operators of 18 amusement centers, seaside arcades to hire machines in pubs clubs bowling alleys bingo halls.

John Bollom has been appointed as Bacta’s new Vice President, and he takes up his post until March 2023. His predecessor Trevor Sutton announced last month that he would be stepping down from the role after four years at Bacta most recent National Council meeting.

The UK’s trade body for seaside arcades and adult gaming centers is reporting issues with staff recruitment.

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