The sponsorship deal Betano with Romanian football cup is worth an estimated $20 million a year.

Romanian football cup

The Romanian Football Federation and Betano have announced a partnership that will see the Eastern European country’s flagship football competition become known as “Betano Cup.”
The deal was reached after extensive negotiations between both parties, with an agreement being reached on Tuesday night following several meetings throughout this week. The new name reflects Kaizen Gaming’s sponsorship of one element within FRF culture – gameplaying- which has helpedidealize gamers aroundthe world through its products over time.

Betano is giving Romanians a chance to win some serious cash by sponsoring their country’s cup tournament. The Spanish sports betting company has signed on as the official sponsor for this year’s run-off games, which will take place later in 2022 and potentially decide who takes home first prize! WithJulio Iglesias Hernando discussing how his team at Kaizen Gaming was excited about being able participate alongside such an important event especially given that it falls right after they were announced gambling industries.

“Our partnership with this historic football association marks a milestone for us and our brand, Betano. We have been supporting Romanian sports since the start of operations in that country six years ago.” The CEO also mentioned how Cupa Romaniei makes it possible to consolidate their commitment towards community-based activities like playing football as well as providing fans who love watching these kinds games an opportunity they can rely on without worry or second thought when tickets go on sale next week!

The Romanian Cup, which has been around since Challenge Milestones Forum’s first tournament back in 1962 and is now being reinvented as well? It’s no wonder that Betano would want to get involved with this! With the Romanian Cup being re-invented this year, it is only natural that Betano would want to get involved. With their sponsorship they can show support for what will be an improved tournament format which allows more matches than ever before!

“We want to make the game more interesting and fun for all! With our new format, we’ll be able improve player skills while also building stronger relationships between clubs and their fans.”
“We’re in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces, and we want to make it even easier for you.”

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