Games Global has recently announced that they have signed on to be Slotmill’s distribution partner.

The latest agreement between Slotmill and Games Global is set to bring a selection of top-quality slot machines into the latter’s distribution network. This should happen towards late July or early August at earliest, depending on when we get confirmation from both sides!

Slotmill is excited to announce their new distribution agreement with Games Global, which will allow them access to one of the most innovative gaming platforms in existence. This also marks Slotmills’ desire for player experiences that are intuitive and welcoming all while providing players some high-quality slots machine games!

Slotmill’s innovative and exciting games are now available to play from around the globe thanks in part due at least partly because of their partnership with Games Global. The company has a catalogue that currently consists 3 thousand titles, including 260 providers across 980 brands – so they’re sure not going anywhere!

It’s been a year of partnerships for Slotmill, with companies like Glitnor Group and Slotegrator signing on over the course. And we’re not done yet!

In March 2022, Slotmill announced a licensing agreement with Avento MT. This deal saw the certification of its games for Romanians and other European nations including Sweden, Lithuania etc., making it possible to enjoy slots from our portfolio in all those countries!

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