Rank Group, a provider of counseling and training courses to children with emotional problems has teamed up with GamCare for an expanded program.

Rank Group

The Rank Group, a leading provider of HR solutions and services for businesses across Europe has teamed up with GamCare to offer their employees an improved training course. 1,400 Rank employees will receive 150 days of training in regard to safer gambling and social responsibility beginning later this month.

In a first for Rank, GamCare is delivering an intermediate-level Social Responsibility and Interaction course to 1400 people across its various brands. The one day programme will be held at the Grosvenor casinos in London as well Mecca Bingo clubs before moving onsite into digital teams and international employees ofRank’s land based business units or ‘brands’ including those working from home offices outside England.

Rank Group CEO John O’Reilly announced that this course will be “tailored through relevant case studies for customer-facing colleagues to support them identify and interact with customers.”
I am delighted we can now roll out our partnership at such an scalesaid he in his statement on Monday, November 5th following news of the expansion into France with GamCare Services Inc., which has helped thousands since its inception just three years ago.”

“The Rank Group is committed to providing the safest and best experience possible when you are with us. To achieve this we must ensure that everyone working in our company has up-to date knowledge of how gaming can affect your mental health, as well as being trained on what encouragement techniques work best for different audiences.”

Rank is tapping into the skills of its former employees who have undergone training for 18 months. The company’s current work with Mecca Bingo means that those working in customer service, online platform and land-based departments will be able to provide support remotely as well.
It’s exciting news because we can expect this new collaboration between Rank International Ltd., one of Australia’s largest gaming companies … With their prior relationshipestablished through joint ventures like these two projects already underway it seems likely there’llbe more partnerships happening soon.

“The investment in their people’s skills and knowledge around customer interaction responsibility should help to reduce the risk of gambling harm in venues, online,” said Anna Hemmings from GamCare.

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