The online betting company Betsson has acquired a majority stake in B2B sportsbook business.

B2B sportsbook business

Betsson is acquiring an 80% stake in KickerTech, which it hopes will complement its “B2B sportsbook proposition.”

The Swedish gambling company, Betsson has acquired a majority stake in the firm from TG Holdco Limited for €14m ($14M).

It is a great feeling to know that we are able provide the €6 million immediately.

Betsson has been generous to the successful candidate. They will pay €4 million in six months and another four before it’s all said done!

The company has agreed to finance part of the acquisition with existing funds.

“The acquisition of the Rocket Network will further strengthen Betsson’s position as one of Europe’s leading B2C sportsbook operators and complement our highly competitive business to provide bets on both football, basketball & motorsports events.

KickerTech, the world leader in AI-powered sports betting technology
Lithuania is home to 50 employees who specialize across odds models and trading tech. They are committed to delivering an unparalleled user experience for bettors worldwide through their cutting edge software solutions that have been designed with one goal: your winnings should be as big or bigger than those of any other bookmaker out there!

For the 12 months ended 30 September, our company generated €2.6m in revenue and produced an EBIT of over 1 million euros!

“This acquisition will allow us to continue our growth in the industry and take on new clients. We’re excited about what lies ahead for both companies!

“I am very pleased to welcome the new team and clients of Betsson Group as they join our family. We have been looking forward in integrating their services with ours, both from an operational standpoint but also on a creative level by bringing exciting projects into production that can’t happen without them! The acquisition will contribute not only sportsbook functionality which complements nicely what we already offer but tech development capabilities too – something no other company offers like this.”

As a result of this acquisition, Betsson will be able to offer its customers even more options. “This is fantastic news for us,” said the CEO in his statement released alongside Q3 results today – the company’s best quarter ever!

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