The Aristocrats report that their revenue increased by 23% over the course of six months.


The company that’s been at the forefront of leisure for decades, Aristocrat Leisure Limited has reported operating revenue of AU$2.75 billion (US$1.92B) for its six months ended 31April 2022 – an increase from last year when they pulled in just under AUs $3 bln over one year!

The company has seen an incredible increase in profits this past year, with the numbers rising by 23% compared to last six months. EBITDA grew 30% yearly and now stands at AU$970 million; while margins increased 1 point coming close to 35%.

The Australian slot machine company also reported a normalised profit after tax and before amortisation of acquired intangibles (NPATA) worth $580 million, an increase from last year’s figure by 41%.

The Aristocrat Group continued to grow and diversify in the last quarter of 2021, with assets such as Pixel United continuing their success. They also saw an increase from customers who increased how much money is invested into high-performing products due Covid 19 restrictions easing up – which means there are more people able than ever before!

Trevor Croker, CEO and Managing Director of Aristocrat said that the company delivered an impressive performance despite mixed operational conditions. They took comprehensive action to protect their people as well as investing strongly in order for them grow going forward with a new growth strategy (that will be announced soon).

We’re not going to let a little competition from our competitors get in the way of what we want. We’ve invested heavily into talent, technology and product so that no matter where you play us–on a global or local level –we’ll always have something new for your audience!

“We’re pushing forward with our ‘build and buy’ strategy to scale in real money gaming, which provides further channels for us distribute world-leading content. Our ambition is becoming the leading platform of its kind around here – we expect that by end calendar year 2022 iGaming products will be live across two US jurisdictions.”

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