The new weekly jackpot is £16,000. Play with Fabulous Bingo for your chance to win! Power Up Paris Tournament!

The new weekly jackpot is £16,000
New Tournamet at Fabulous Bingo!

You ready for some Friday night fun? We’re taking it up a notch this weekend with our super, duper fabulous offer.

With a whopping £16,000 up for win* in prizes – including some really amazing experiences and items from brands you know- it would be crime not to sign up! The next game starts soon so make sure your Ready…and GO!!!

We want to empower all of our players, so this session is open for anyone who has registered with us and verified their age. 18+ years old (ID required)
The Fabulous Bingo team loves seeing people come together in collaboration on site or online through player initiatives like campaigns against bullying; we’re always looking out after one another’s needs!

Bingo is always a great way to spend time with friends, meet new people and have some laughs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how it works or what cards are being used for scoring—the game master will guide your every move!
In addition there’s money waiting at each table so make sure not miss out on this opportunity by purchasing tickets from 6pm until 10:30 pm in the Paris room where they cost £1-50p per card (60 max).

Ready for some Friday and Saturday fun? Join the Power Up Session, where we’ll play games all night long. Games start at 6pm so come on down! You won’t want to miss this one – it’s a powerhouse session that will leave you feeling recharged after an awesome time with your friends or family members (or whoever) also,conferences open every day.

Just when you think that we couldn’t possibly offer any more incentive to join us at the casino, Paris Power Up takes it upon themselves and gives us an incredible power session. You’ll be part of a hyped up audience who will win big if they manage full houses on their games! And don’t worry about being lavish with your money- every player gets £125 per game so there are plenty opportunities for prizes in this room!

The Super Powerhouse Sessions are fast-paced games of skill that pay out immediately after you defeat your opponents. But there is no need to worry, as we live up our namesake and make sure every winner receives their prize money!

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