Jackpocket’s new chief of staff, Caitlin Stojanovich brings years of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing professional to her role with the company.

Caitlin Stojanovich

Jackpocket is announcing its new Chief of Staff, as the lottery app looks to accelerate growth and product expansion. The selection comes after an intensive period for hiring in order to meet increased demand from customers looking forward towards Stojanovich’s leadership over these next few years

Stojanovich’s experience includes working with a range of different clients and companies, including the defense industry. She has developed strategies to suit any country or region where she worked; this makes her an excellent choice for your organization!

In this role, Stojanovich worked to reform the company’s corporate communications and PR policies while overseeing their objectives.

Jackpocket is pleased to announce that Stojanovich has joined our team as Executive Chair. She’ll be working closely with CEO Peter Sullivan, the leadership group and board members on key initiatives for success in this new role – she will also serve at times as a member of their executive committee if needed!
In other news from Jack Pocket: we recently welcomed another awesome hire – Jennifer Acklstone joins us effective immediately handling human resources duties while fantastic foster care provider patty ferrel takes over all aspects related specifically around hiring policies.

The company is excited to announce that they have named Caitlin Stojanovich as the new head of their Marketing team. With her leadership experience in both customer acquisition and retention, it’s clear she’ll be able take this department into even greater heights!

“I’m confident that with the help of Caitlin we will be able to continue our expansion in terms headcount, geographical footprint and product offerings. Her dedication is truly inspiring.”

The new leadership team will be tasked with improving productivity and overseeing cross-functional initiatives. They’ll also help identify potential business opportunities as well!

It felt like fate that Jackpocket opened a second headquarters in my hometown of Santa Barbara. I am so grateful to have such an amazing team here, and it’s been great seeing them grow into something even greater!
I never could’ve imagined how much we would change or what our future holds but if you’re asking me if this was intended? Yes! It feels pretty darn perfect.

Jackpocket is honored to have somebody of Caitlin caliber joining the team. She brings with her years experience in developing cutting – edge games that will be sure help us continue moving forward as an innovator within this industry!

Just last month, Jackpocket published a Q2 review on the state of digital lottery play in US. They found that there’s been an increase among 12 states they operate within including New York and Texas!

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