The new bingo product from Video King and Parlay Games is certified!

Parlay Games

GLI certified Bingo Treasures, a “tribally linked” product of Video King and Parlay Games. The newest game from the duo that brought you Cleopatra Slots is now available for real money players across North America to enjoy on their websites or mobile apps!

“We’re excited to partner with these companies on a new ‘tribally linked class II bingo game with multimillion dollar weekly prize jackpots!”

The two companies have combined their efforts and established a new joint venture.

Video King has begun licensing Bingo Treasures to customers throughout the US. The first of these licensees is GLI-certified company, and they have already received certification from them after filing a patent application with the USPTO! This means that soon you’ll be able get your hands on some amazing bingo treasures through VideoKing’s distribution channels across America – so keep an eye open because we’re about ready for launch here at BTT!

The company’s first move will be to sign agreements with as many tribes who are ready and willing, before installing Bingo Treasures at any facility on their native land.

“It is only a matter of time before this revolutionary new game launches, and it’s going to happen on Indian lands first! The class II bingo software certification combined with our patented methodology will create an multi-billion dollar industry for the US tribes. This once in lifetime opportunity has been made available exclusively by them – so you better hurry up if your tribe wants into these profits!”

The weekly prize jackpots start at $2m, but by linking more tribes together and adding Bingo Treasures to the game – which is sure make it easier than ever for players who get bored easily!- these could reach a whopping 100M dollars. And since customer engagement will only increase with every new addition of our innovative feature? You can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be plenty going on here until people finally winning some big bucks…

“With the introduction of Bingo Treasures, we expect player and tribal participation will increase. Players are sure to become aware that they can win real money with this game as well! It’s also possible for them to make add-on purchases if desired – all while attracting new people who may not know about what you’ve got going on here.”

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