The goal of Hollywood Casino officials is to make the entire casino cashless.

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With the recent proposals from Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Virginia to make their casino cashless it is evident that they are looking ahead. The changes will allow patrons of this location not just enjoy games but also purchase items with ease using credit cards or mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay!

Penn National is trying to go cashless at its other casinos, but it seems like the Charles Town casino isn’t buying into that idea.

The chairman of the West Virginia Lottery Commission has said that they are looking into ways to improve player experience and enjoyment, particularly when it comes down running an online game. “It’s just a matter or making sure players do not have something interfering with their play such as advertisements popping-up unexpectedly which can disrupt immersion,” said Ken Greear in his interview with Metro News last week

He continued, “We’re not looking at a situation that financially is going to impact staffing. It has more do with how they handle money and transition of staff members.”

The Commission has given Penn National the green light to move forward with their plan, but they advise that final approval will not be granted until after seeing this project in action. Furthermore it is still subject for testing procedures by commission staff who are expected take several months before giving back a result.
The Chairman of The Advisory Panel on Gaming Policy said “This could open up opportunities” when talking about how new gambling bills might change if passed into law.

Scott Saunders, the VP and General Manager for Hollywood Casino said to Metro news “I think that digital wallets are becoming more popular with businesses so we want our customers on board too! We’re working hard at making sure everything is going smoothly- this will be good news if it’s not already evident by now.”

He went on to say that the cashless system could be launched at Hollywood Casino later this year.

The Commission has confirmed that the plans will still need to be returned in order for them finalize their decision.

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