The New South Wales Government has announced plans to establish an entirely new regulator for casinos, amid years of reform and legislation.


Kevin Anderson, the NSW Minister for Hospitality and Racing has announced that he will be establishing a new independent casino regulator. These tough measures are meant to crack down on any form of organised crime in this industry which had been thriving despite recent scandals surrounding several casinos throughout Australia where it was discovered they were accepting bets from unlicensedpunters.

19 recommendations were made after an inquiry into Crown Resorts, which ignored warnings of money laundering and links to organised crime. As a result the New South Wales ILGA created 19 steps that casino operators need take in order improve transparency & accountability as well as their own reputation with customers/consumers who will be playing games at these venues.

The New South Wales Government has set out to introduce a range of regulatory reforms in order for the state’s casinos, which are currently suffering from high rates and negative publicity due an association with junket operators who deal outside legal markets. They plan on introducing firm guidelines about how licenses will be handled under their newly created regulator as well insider monitoring opportunities so that problem spots can quickly get fixed before they become much worse than what already exists now.
The proposed bill includes several measures aimed at limiting any potential problems associated w blacklisting practices within Australia’s gambling industry while also protecting consumers’ rights regarding transparency when buying tickets from legitimate sellers.

The NSW Independent Casino Commission (NICC) has launched a new campaign to stamp out money laundering and fraud in the casino industry.
The regulations will require licensees, such as land-based casinos or online bookmakers who offer gambling services through websites hosted outside Australia’s borders, but still fall under Australian law when it comes down how much freedom they’re given regarding operations within its own country’s boundaries so there is no need for them too deviate from what’s been set forth already due.

The new National Financial Intelligence Centre will have a Chief Commissioner and at least four additional Commissioners, one of which must possess expert anti-money laundering experience. The center’s efforts are being monitored by an interagency coordination committee — including the police force as well as Crime Commission members–that identify money laundering cases for investigation to ensure our communities remain safe from criminals seeking criminal proceeds through laundered funds.

NSW is taking steps to ensure that casinos are free from criminal influence, and has announced new reforms. These measures will strengthen the regulatory framework for gaming operations in NSW – with stringent controls on money laundering as well other aspects such gambling addiction or organized crime infiltration among others things!
The update comes just weeks after Crown Resorts received approval by Internationallucent Gaming Association (ILGA) allowing it start up its newest Sydney facility; claiming full compliance within international standards 100%.

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