The most famous sports betting analyst in America has just signed on to be part of the ESPN team.

Famous sports betting

Joe Fortenbaugh, the highly sought after sports betting analyst has finally found his home with ESPN. The procedded announced today that they have agreed on a new deal ensuring Joe will be providing services through at least 2025!

Fortenbaugh is a regular contributor on ESPN’s Daily Wager, but he also appears across the network’s other shows in various media. His work includes TV coverage and radio spots to name just two forms of communication!

I’m really excited about signing on with ESPN. They say if you love what you do, then this will be the best job ever and it’s been true so far for me here at The ESPN Company! It feels amazing being surrounded by such talented colleagues who have access to an infinite amount of resources – I can’t wait until we all make some history together soon.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life, and now I get the chance to help take this company’s sports betting division from just good enough into something extraordinary. It doesn’t matter how old you are – if your willing work hard then anything is possible!

Joeoths is staying put at ESPN! The company’s VP of Fantasy and Sports Betting Content said that he plans on working closely with Scott Clark, who also serves as VP for online gambling content. This news comes after it was reported last week how Joe O’Toole abandoned his post as editor-in-chief at Foxwoods Casino Resort Group amid an internal shuffle within the organization – but don’t worry because both parties appear pleased about what will happen next.

Less than a month after ESPN announced that Jackpocket had become their exclusive sponsor of the newest New York sports app, it was revealed today by FOX Sports news anchor and reporter Jay Glazer who said they have “a wide-ranging deal” with them.

“We’re excited to team up with Jackpocket and bring their innovative title into the world of sports! The app is perfect for anyone who wants a quick game on their phone, without having all those pesky advertisements.”

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