The former CEO of The Star Entertainment Group has admitted that there are shortcomings in casinos.

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Matt Bekier

Matt Bekier, former CEO of The Star Entertainment Group has admitted shortcomings within its international arm. He said that they had made “some tough decisions to keep the best interests”of their Australian customers in mind while expanding into new markets but it backfired on them when those plans didn’t work out as expected
He also expressed regret over how some people were let go without any warning or severance package which left many employees feeling uncertain about next steps forward.

Lawyers for Bekier are taking the stand today in front of a New South Wales gaming regulator. The testimony will evaluate whether or not his resignation from company was accepted by its board, and it’s expected that this inquiry may lead to more questions being asked about how safe they feel with regards to holding such an important license.
Sydney casinos aren’t known primarily as entertainment venues but rather places where people go when seeking treatment related injuries due largely gambling games.

When asked about the state of their international arm, Bekier detailed how it has been struggling with certain aspects. The most notable problem he mentioned was China Union Pay’s debit card scheme which suffers from many flaws and disadvantages including high fees for purchases made at physical stores or online – something customers don’t have access to when using other countries’ payment options like American Express cards! He also spoke extensively on junket operators who take majority shares in exclusive gaming rooms run by private companies outside Japan.

This is a surprising and shocking revelation, but I believe that the board of directors should have known about these things. They’re actually partly responsible for shutting down this business years ago!

Former CEO of this casino felt let down by senior managers, including lawyer Oliver White and CFO Harry Theodore.

“It seemed like a bit of an dark art,” Bekier said. He didn’t challenge them because he felt that would be opening himself up for trouble with the management team, and instead just took on as many customers from this side-line operation without question or hesitation – which wasn’t something everyone else could do at Lotteries Corporation during those days!

Reports of the group enabling suspected money laundering, organised crime and foreign interference has prompted a federal inquiry this week.

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