Khelraja has partnered with Sevilla FC to become the Asian iGaming partner for their football club.

Sevilla FC

Indian casino operator Khelraja has officially announced their partnership with LaLiga football team Sevilla FC as the Asian iGaming Partner. The deal is said to be worth more than $5 million, and it will last for five years starting from 2022-2023 season!

LaLiga has found success in Asia, with the Indian Super League being one of its most popular leagues. The Spanish Football League will now be able to tap into this growing popularity through their new partnership and offer fans an opportunity for engagement that was previously not available locally or abroad!

Khelraja has signed an agreement with LaLiga that will see all upcoming matches broadcasted by the league in their app. Users can also watch COPA DEL Rey games through this partnership, making it easier than ever before to catch your favorite team playing!

Sevilla FC is very pleased to have signed a new agreement which will allow them continue growing in their process of internationalising the brand, both globally and for Southeast Asia. A market that they consider strategic during expansion period has been joined by another one where sevillo wants more exposure.

“The sponsorship agreement between Seville and LaLiga is an important step in building the perception of our league as a whole, not just for Spanish teams but also those from other countries. We’re looking forward to working with them on their international expansion efforts.”

“The passion for football in India is on the rise, as can be seen by its growing popularity across international borders. Partnering with one of Spain’s biggest and most illustrious clubs-Sevilla FC-, Khelraja has taken pride not only from being able to provide opportunities that may otherwise never come about but also share some cultural ties between our two countries.”

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Khelraja, which will provide football fans yet another avenue to not only engage in Sevilla’s games online but also win lucrative rewards while doing so. We look forward providing you more opportunities like this down the road!”

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