The fight between Fury and Usyk is one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory.


The next fight for Oleksandr Usyk is going to be a lot more difficult and complex than his previous opponents. He will have the unenviable task of taking on Tyson Fury, who has already proven himself as one of boxing’s most dominate fighters!

Based on the early betting odds, it seems like many people think this fight will happen. There’s been so much interest in seeing what would happen between these two boxers and now that Fury has announced he’ll be back for one last go around with Usyk – there is no turning back!

Fury has all of the tools to winning this fight. With his longer reach and more technique in training, he’ll be able take advantage against Usyk who may not have enough power without him getting hit first!

Usyk is a southpaw who has been fighting without the fear of being stretched out. He’ll be going up against an opponent with great reach and height, but his lack in that category could work to his advantage as well- maybe he feels some sort destiny about this fight?
The Ukraine war may have something do with it too – though odds makers don’t seem worried by these factors at all!

If Usyk victorious, he will become the undisputed heavyweight champion of world and first since Lennox Lewis completed his feat in 1999.

The gambling industry has been in a slump for quite some time now. But with this big night, things are expected to change drastically – and not just because it’s Las Vegas!

It looks like Fury will be Usyk’s next opponent, with odds of 4/7. However American fanBet is already backing him up at +200 while the Russian has -250!

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