The deal is worth €90 million, ensuring that the ParionsSport brands will extend their partnership with Olympique de Marseille until 2025.

Olympique de Marseille

French national lottery operator, Française des Jeux (FDJ), has extended its partnership with football club Olympique de Marseille for a further three seasons. The contract is said to be worth around 120 million euros over the next two deals and will keep them involved in many aspects of player development as well as matchday activities such advertising on players’ shirts or investing into training facilities
The deal includes partnerships related gambling operations like online casinos which have been growing steadily since they first opened their doors back then when there were only earthy.

In a historic move, FDJ has signed an agreement with one of France’s most iconic brands to become their premium partner. The partnership will see the online betting sites ParionsSport en ligne and Point De Vente operate as “Premium Partners” until 2025 after being named such earlier this year when they reached out for support following regulations surrounding sports gambling coming into effect within European Union member states including Belgium where it is currently legal but not everywhere else.

The new online platform will be called ParionsSport, and it’s an exciting way for football fans to win tickets or compete on odds. The land-based counterpart is supposed “bring the partnership into reality” through 28000 businesses that are partnered with FDJ!

The brands have also developed a device that will allow adult spectators to bet within their home ground, the Orange Vélodrome.

In return for their support, the ParionsSport logo will be visible on players’ shirts as well as in Marseille’s home ground and training center.

“The partnership between Olympique de Marseille and the FDJ Group is a perfect fit. The two companies are proud to continue their adventure for three more seasons,” said Pedro Iriondo of Olympic.

We’re so excited to have the FDJ group as our newest partner! The implications of this partnership are huge, not just for us but also on a global scale. It is an honor and privilege that we can now call upon their support in order continue building out these great programs here at club!

The relationship between Marseille and FDJ’s brands has been growing for years now, with an extension in 2022.

The French club’s Director of Sports Betting Activities was elated to announce that they have renewed their partnership with Olympique de Marseille. This is a win-win situation for both parties, who look forward towards continuing this productive working relationship in future as well!

“Proud of the proximity that this partnership offers us with one of the largest communities of supporters in France. Also proud to share the values ​​of sport with this historic club in our championship.”

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