Ontario’s casinos are launching a new PSA that they hope will make gambling safer for all involved.


The Canadian government has teamed up with the Responsible Gambling Council to create a new campaign that encourages Ontarian bettors, especially those who are playing online or on sports books.

The research group has just announced their latest project, which will be hitting television and radio waves soon.

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about the possible risks associated with gambling and focus specifically on betting.

Ontario’s iGaming market went live in April, and single-event sports betting was also made available. The RGC’s messaging is primarily intended for Ontario residents so they can take advantage of these new opportunities while we work with them on how best to educate Ontarians about the risks associated with gambling online without parents’ consent or knowledge.
The province launched its lucrative video slots site – but there are some important details you ought not miss out!

The campaign published a 30-second video on YouTube in an attempt to tap into what they believe are Ontarians’ associations with online gambling ads. However, halfway through this advertisement it becomes clear that something is off when the RGC’s parodying style changes from playful and funny towards more serious tones without any warning or indication as such from either party involved – meaning both Lakeview Wealth Management firm (the advertisers) nor Grosvenor Scottish Heritage Foundation Incorporated(those being advertised).

With the recent rise in online gambling and sports betting advertising across Ontario -and Canada- we recognized there was a need to help people understand that these ads don’t necessarily reflect reality. The RGC (Royal Canadian Gaming Corporation) has been working with Shelley White on this issue, who said “With increased attention drawn by TV commercials for illegal web sites or services such as Paddy Power Betfair bookmakers may not be aware of how drastically they differ from real experiences.”

Gambling can be an exciting way to spend time, but it’s important for everyone who does so know the risks involved. There are many ways you could reduce those involved in your game and only play with trusted sources that have been properly screening players like yourself since day one!

The government of Ontario has created a public service announcement to run across Canadian broadcast networks. The message is meant for people who are struggling with mental illness, and it might eventually be expanded province-wide or even nationwide!

The Chairman of the Think TV affinity group, Alan Dark made an interesting remark about online gambling and sports betting. He said “There is opportunity for all to work together in ensuring that Ontarians receive balanced message when it comes these new forms at play.”

This is a great time to be alive if you’re in the gambling industry! The broadcast community plays an important role, and they have someone who can help lead them into this new era of responsibility-driven advertising.

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